Thursday, 4 September 2014


Feel The Xperia on Your LG L9
This ROM is combination of Sony firmware for latest Xperia lines and CyenogenMod 10.1
• Aroma Installer (v3.1 up only)
• Disable sdcard emulate (v2.0 up only)
• Sony smallapps and task switcher
• Almost full Sony experience on your LG L9
• Xperia Tablet Z media apps including:
       > Latest Sony walkman
       > Xperia Album app
       > Xperia Movie app
       > Music Unlimited
       > Play Station certificated
       > My Xperia inside settings
       > Xperia power menagement
       > Xperia with PlayMemories
• True sound enhancements with Viper4Android, now with XHiFi version also
• Google Chrome from Z1
• Face unlock
• Changelog inside settings
• Almost full sony experience on your LG L9
• Facebook incide Xperia.. incide L9
• X Reality- Image enhancement technology by Sony
• Location based wi-fi
• Xperia Setup wizard
• Xperia Honami wallpapers and sounds
• Fast and stable
• Ads free and many more..
Special Thanks
- Allah SWT
- My Family(Specially My Mom)
- CyanogenMod Team <for the base>
- Sony <for the great taste>
- damir87 <for awesome rom>
- Nasheich Xfiles <for porting on LG p760/p765/p768>
- rishabh.raj37 <for porting tutorials>
- artas182x  <for the recovery>
- Android-Andi <for gapps>
- Rizal Lovins <for Sony Apps>
- ibanez7 <for Sony Apps>
- lukakas <for making tutorial for port smallapps>
- Snuzzo <helping find the solution>
- Jishnu Sur <for the tips>
- zhuhang <for viper4android>
- viper4android website
- ra3al <for xperia z launcher>
- amarullz for Aroma Installer
- MatrixDJ96 <for odexer script>
- Phonearena <for the picture>
- XDA Members <for keep supporting me>
- Group LG L9 Indonesia <for keep supporting me>
If I miss someone or something, please pm me
Download Links

Gapps Jellybean 4.2.2
Installation Instructions:
1. Go to recovery (Use the latest artas182x recovery/v6.0.4.5)
2. Wipe data/factory reset
3. Wipe cache and dalvick cache
3. Flash ROM
4. Flash Gapps
5. Wipe cache and dalvick cache again
6. Reboot
Note 1:
If after LG's Logo you don't see Xperia's boot animation, turn off your phone by holding power button, and turn on again
Note 2 :
Before flashing fix bugs, please do this
- Wipe cache
- Wipe dalvick cache
- Flash fix problems
Change log
Version 3.1.1
* Common : Aroma Installer
- No need to flash NFC patch on P765 devices
- No need to flash Camera patch on P768 devices
- Truly Device info in setting
- Add option to install or remove apps from Aroma
* Common - Rom can be Re-Odex by 3 simply ways
using Android Terminal Emulator

Version 3.0
> Theme fixed
> Added themes
      - Black theme
      - Blue theme
      - Green Theme
      - Orange theme
      - Pink theme
      - Purple theme
> Xperia Z1 Conversations
> Update almost all Xperia apps
       - Hanomi laucnher
       - Walkman
       - Movie
       - Album
       - PSP
       - Widgets apps
       - etc
> Update smallapps
> 4 New Xperia Camera apps
      - Xperia Z1 camera
      - Google camera
      - Motionshot
      - Motiongraph
> Torch Fixed
> Replace Sound recoder app with Xperia Sound recoder
> Xperia Charging animations (turn off the device and connect to the  charger
> More tweaks
  - Battery tweak for more life longer time
  - Fast charging tweak
> Delete UnUsed apps

Version 2.0
* Common: Disable sdcard emulated
* Common: Storage FC fixed
* Common: MTP Fixed
* Common: Camera fixed
* Common: Viper4Android fixed
* Common: Ported some Xperia Z2 apps
* Common: Added more smallapps
* Common: Added changelog on setting
* Common: Added Podcast
* Common: Added Xperia Z2 Simple Home
* Common: Added Xperia Lounge
* Common: Added Sony Entrance
* Common: Added Cosmic Flow Livewallpapers
* Common: Xperia Z2 bootanimation
* Common: Xperia Charging animations
* Common: Delete UnUsed apps
* Common: Remove virtual keys(To show virtual keys again, just edit build.prop and find
"qemu.hw.mainkeys=1" change value from "1" to "0")
Version 1.0
- Initial Release

What's Working
- Almost all working

Not Working
- Some application can't be install from sdcard
Solution: download zip signer from google play and sign app as a platform, now install signed app normaly
- Sony Entrance force close
Solution : Move the app to internal storage with Titanium Backup or any others apps
- All Sony apps force close?
Solution : Move again Sony Entrance to system :D
- You tell me...