Thursday, 18 February 2016

Request Your MIUI 7 Here

Do you want MIUI 7 for device ?
I can port it for you, I was ported MIUI to 5 different devices, and I'm sure can port it to another device.
But it's not FREE, you have to pay for it, because I'll spend my time and also money(to download rom base and rom port and also for upload the rom).
Rules (This rules can be changed anytime)
- Your device must have CM11/CM12/CM13
- Not Sony's devices, only for LG, ASUS, Motorola, Lenovo, Samsung and the other devices.
- Name your prize for MIUI 7, Comment here or Inbox to My Facebook, I'll reply IF you GIVE good PRIZE.
- After 50% payment, I'll start the project.
- Rom will be share after I got 100% of payment.
- Pay it through PAYPAL or (Better) to my Bank Account(It will be faster).

If you want FREE version, read these :
- Read my post here or my or XDA thread about porting rom, then port it your self.
- You'll have to wait until I have same device like you have, (maybe) I'll port it.
- You'll have to wait for another developers that interest to port MIUI for your device.
- Post request in every Android's Forums, maybe someone will heard you then port for FREE(maybe).
- and more possible reasons.

Thank you


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